New Show Proposal Process

Do you have an awesome show idea? Have you dreamed of producing or hosting your own television show? Well you’re in the right place! We are always open to hearing your ideas.

Step 1: Simply fill out the New Show Proposal Form and email it to with the subject line “New Show Proposal.” You should receive an email within 48 hours that the Student Director of Operations has received your submission and should be in contact soon.

Step 2: The new show’s producer(s) will have to schedule a date and time with the pitch committee to pitch the show in-person where the committee will then decide whether we will accept the new show.

Step 3: If chosen, you will be required to undergo training for all of your production crew.

Step 4: Begin preproduction and submit the show’s pilot rundown.

Step 5: Create amazing original programming.


Show Guidelines: 

  • This is a student-run station. TVC members don’t get paid. But we have a lot of fun together.
  • Having a show is a responsibility. Shows must be produced on-time and be of high quality.
  • Your show can be produced in-studio, in the field, or a combination of both.
  • TVC seeks original programming. Your proposal must demonstrate what distinguishes this new show from the current shows (Torchlight, Sports Mecca, VolTalk, and [UnwarranTed].
  • Shows are typically no longer than 30 minutes. The air on channel 3.2 on campus and are streamed on YouTube.
  • All members of TVC are considered ambassadors for the station and must present themselves in a professional manner when performing duties where they are interacting with others.
  • All members of TVC are expected to help promote and raise funds for TVC during semesterly engagement fairs on campus to spread the word about our content and get our community involved.