Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience to join TVC?

No. The purpose of TVC is to provide experience for college students and help our members get internships. However, you are more likely to intern with a show if you have previous experience. General membership is open to anyone all semester long.


What types of internships have previous members had?

The Today Show (NYC)

WBIR (Knoxville)

WVLT (Knoxville)

Hollywood Casting and Film (California)

Storyville USA (Nashville)

Rated Red (Nashville)

Jewelry Television Network (Knoxville)

Scripps Network (Knoxville)

ESPN (Connecticut)

CMT (Nashville)


What is the time commitment?

We always say, your experience is what you make it. If you want to get involved with all of our projects, you are welcome to do that. If you only want to put in a few hours per week, you can do that too. It is based on your schedule and what time you’re willing to put in.


How can I join?

To intern for a show, you have to attend the Open House each semester. Be sure to email so that the Student Director of Operations can send you details about when the Open House takes place.

For general membership, email with your resume.


Can I start my own show?

Absolutely. You have to fill out the proposal form that is on the “Get InVolved” page and email that to with the producer’s resume attached. You should receive an email with 2 business days with a date and time you will need to meet with the Pitch Committee to pitch your show idea in-person.


What type of equipment does TVC use? 

Canon DSLRs, industry-standard studio cameras, Adobe Creative Suite, a fully functional control room, an audio booth, a 3-set studio, infinity wall, green screen, and more!

Can I get paid for working with TVC?

Unfortunately, an internship and general membership with TVC is unpaid. However, your experience is more valuable to you as you use the skills you’ve gained in your courses to practical application.


How long has TVC been a student organization? 

TVC began during the 1996-1997 academic year.